Domain Hosting – What You Need To Know About Your New Domain

When you buy a domain name, you need to know more about the other important part of the process: web hosting. Read this article to learn everything you need to know about hosting your domain.

What is the best domain hosting?

The first thing everyone wants to know about web hosting after buying a domain. Choosing the best web hosting for your domain depends on several factors:

  • What you need to host
  • How many domains you plan on hosting
  • How many visitors do you plan on getting
  • Can you manage the account yourself or do you need support
  • Your budget
  • and more.

There are hundreds of factors you need to consider when choosing web hosting. If a hosting provider meets most (or all) of your criteria, then that’s the best.


Example web hosting service for your domain

What web hosting should I use? You can learn more about web hosting by going through an example of one. It’s always important to make a web hosting comparison, approaching the different types of services available. We’ll review CopaHost.

Shared hosting

You should choose a shared hosting plan if you are on a tight budget. Shared web hosting is the cheapest there is, especially with CopaHost. This is totally a secure web hosting alternative. Both cPanel and DirectAdmin control panels are available.

domain hosting plans

With shared hosting, you’ll get to use a server at a cheap cost without having to worry about managing the server yourself. With a shared hosting plan, you’ll get cPanel. A control panel that you can use to install and manage websites on your domains. You’ll also get other extras like a website builder, automated backups, improved security, etc. All of that is included for free within the cheap price of the shared hosting plan.

A shared hosting plan is always a good alternative for those who wish to host a WordPress website, have business email accounts and register a domain. You can build a website using WordPress or the site builder available. No development skills are necessary. E-commerce is also available through WordPress with Woocommerce.

VPS Hosting

Get VPS hosting for your domain if you have a popular website that needs more resources.

With CopaHost, you can get a VPS hosting plan at a cheap price.

copahost domain hosting vps plans

You’ll get all kinds of benefits by using a VPS to host your domains. Your websites will perform better. You’ll be isolated from other server users. Both Linux and Windows servers are available. With full root access to the server, you can manage and change everything within the server itself. Cloud servers are flexible, so you can adjust the server size with a couple of clicks.

Dedicated Servers

You should use a dedicated server when you need the ultimate performance for your domains.

At CopaHost, dedicated servers are cheap and start at €29 per month.

Dedicated servers are similar to cloud servers. You won’t need to worry about virtualization and isolation because you’ll be using a server all by yourself. You won’t be sharing anything with other users. You’ll use all of the server’s resources which guarantees the best performance for your hosted domains.

Other reseller options

There are also other options to host domains, like reseller hosting plans. This sort of service is good for those who have more than one website hosted. There are white label services as well, where you can use your custom logo and with customized DNS servers (DNS without the name of the hosting company). No development skills are necessary for this kind of reseller hosting services.

Can you get web hosting for free?

You can, in some places. However, free web hosting plans are very limited when it comes to what you can host. Often times free hosting means that your website will display extra 3-rd party ads. People usually get their accounts closed overnight without any specific reasons. Free domain hosting companies don’t offer 24/7 support. Their servers are overstuffed and experience downtime often.

You should consider getting the cheapest shared hosting account to host your domains if you’re on a tight budget.

Comparing domain hosting providers

You should compare a hosting provider you plan on using for your domain with a different one. That’s the best way of knowing which one is better. When comparing, make sure both providers offer similar services.


As an example, we’ll compare GoDaddy with CopaHost.

Provider CopaHost GoDaddy
Price – .com domain €9.90/yr €10.80/yr
Price – shared hosting €1.99/mo €8.14/mo
Price – VPS hosting €3.59/mo €26/mo
Price – dedicated servers €49/mo €154/mo

If you do the math, it’s much cheaper to buy and host a domain at CopaHost.

When comparing CopaHost with other domain and hosting providers, you’ll notice that CopaHost is always better.

How to register a domain

The process is pretty easy. The domains at CopaHost are cheap and affordable. We’ll explain how to register a domain at CopaHost in detail with screenshots.

Step 1: Check if your domain is available

You can use the domain registration field on the CopaHost homepage or you can use this link.

check domain availability

If it’s available, you’ll be able to add the domain to the cart. So, click on the “Add to Cart” button and the button will change to “Checkout. Click the button again to go to checkout.

Step 2: Configuring your domain

The next step is to configure your new domain name.


You can leave everything in the Nameserver area as-is, but save the nameservers for later use. You’ll need them to connect your domain to your hosting account.

If you haven’t added a web hosting plan to your cart, you can do it now by clicking on [No Hosting! Click to Add].

After you are done, click on the Continue button.

Step 3: Review and complete your order

The final step is to review and complete your order.

domain registration

If everything is correct, click on Checkout and enter your personal and payment details. And that’s it.

When you buy a hosting plan from CopaHost you can contact the 24/7 support team for help. They will help you connect your new domain to your hosting plan.

Conclusion on domain hosting

Now that you know how to buy a domain and what you need to host it, you can start building your website. Use the perks and extras you get with CopaHost to make the process easier.

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