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Every website owner needs a domain name. Every visitor uses a domain name to access a website. Given the popularity and necessity of domain names, there are many offers for domain names out there. However, not all of them are cheap. Read our guide below to learn everything you need to know about domain names and cheap domain registrations.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is basically a text string that helps you connect to a website. All websites are hosted on and can be accessed via an IP address. But they’re too difficult to remember. This is where domain names come in handy. As an example, instead of using and remembering the IP address “”, which is the IP address of the server where this website is hosted at, you can just use the domain name “” to access this website. Domain names also help with your branding and traffic from search engines.

What are subdomains, are they different than domain names?

A subdomain is a part of the main domain, which is often used for a different part of the same website. You don’t have to worry about the pricing of subdomains or them being cheap. You can use as many subdomains as you need, you don’t need to purchase each sub-domain. Everything is included for free with the pricing of your main domain. For example, if your website has an online community or a forum, you can use a subdomain like to host it. It’s free of cost if you own the domain name.


How do I find a cheap domain registration availability?

Fun fact: all domain names with 4 letters or less are already taken, especially with the .com extension, as well as the majority of 5-letter domain names.

All domain names are unique. 2 websites can’t use the same domain name. So if someone already uses, you can’t also use the same domain name. You’ll have to use the domain name search and check if another domain name is available. However, if someone has already registered, you can still check if is available. If it’s not available, you can try all the other domain extensions.

How do I check who is the owner of a registered domain name?

To do that, you can use a protocol called whois and do a lookup. There are several ways of doing that. The easiest way is to just use a whois website and enter the domain name. If the domain owner hasn’t purchased privacy protection, you can check who owns it. Most domain owners do have privacy protection. In that case, you won’t be able to view any private information about the domain. Domain owners mostly do this to avoid spam. You’ll rarely find a domain name that has valid and public information about its owner.

Your best course of action is to just skip finding out who owns the domain name and buy a better alternative domain name.

What is the average price of a domain name?

It always depends on what type of domain name you need. There are hundreds of domain name extensions, but the most popular is .com.

The average price of a .com domain name is €11 EUR, but it depends on where you buy your domain name from.

cheap domain registration

Should you buy a .com domain or use other extensions?

Other domain name extensions like .org and .net are useful for different types of websites. Like .org for organizations, although you can use any extension for any type of website. The standard .net, .org, .biz and .info are usually cheaper than the .com extension.

There are other domain extensions such as .london that can cost upwards of €60 EUR per year. They’re rarely needed and you can always use the regular .com along with a keyword that will help describe your website, like So if you’re looking for cheap domain registrations, you should avoid other domain extensions and stick to the standard ones like .com.

Where can you buy cheap domains?

Most web hosting companies also offer domain registrations, but not all of them are cheap. Cheap domain offers are hard to come by. At CopaHost, the .com domain name registration price is €9.9 EUR per year, which is one of the cheapest domains available.

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As a comparison, HostGator offers .com domain registrations starting at $12.95 per year as of writing. Bluehost offers .com domain registrations at starting at €10.91 per year. GoDaddy’s .com domain names start at $11.99. The catch is that they have a more expensive renewal rate. On top of that, they usually have add-ons that cost a lot more, like privacy protection.

Can I get a free domain?

Yes, you can. There are domain extensions like .tk that are offered for free, but they come with limitations. People often report being locked out of their free domain name after using it for a while. Most businesses avoid using free domain extensions.

However, you can still get a .com domain for free. If you buy a hosting plan for a year at CopaHost, you’ll actually get a domain name for free along with your hosting plan. A free .com domain is a great deal, and nothing is nothing cheaper than free.

Do I have to buy a hosting plan to use a domain name?

Basically, yes. You’ll have to buy web hosting, any hosting space that you’ll use to connect your domain name to. You need a place where you can host your website that you can later use to access it via your domain name. Even if you plan on having a “coming soon” page when you access your domain name, you still need hosting space to host that page on.


cheap domain registrations

The upside of getting a hosting plan is that you’ll also get a custom email address with your new domain name. So if you purchased, you can have your own email addresses. At Copahost, you can create unlimited email addresses. You can have an email address for every person in your team or for every department in your company.

By using the control panel you’ll get with your hosting plan at Copahost, you’ll be able to create a website with the easy website builder which has a nice graphical, drag-and-drop user interface. You’ll get 24/7 technical support if you need help with anything. You can also use the 1-click installers to install popular apps like WordPress and Magento. You can use them to build and manage your own online store. The security and server configurations are managed by Copahost. The only thing you need to do is to take care of your website, everything else is managed for you.

You get all of that for free, included in every Copahost hosting plan. You don’t have to pay for anything extra. When you do the math, everything becomes super-affordable and cheap.

Conclusion on cheap domain registrations

Getting a quality cheap web hosting plan is just as important as when shopping for a cheap domain name. You need both. You should lookout for a great deal on both your domain name and your hosting plan.

Now that you know what domain names are, how they work, and CopaHost’s cheap offers, you can start building your website.

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