How to install WordPress [video]

In this tutorial well be learning how to install WordPress with your cPanel. For that you need to enter the URL to your cPanel.

1 – Access cPanel control panel to start installing wordpress

In your cPanel login you need to enter your username and password. We just enter the username and password.

We have all detail saved in our sticky note. So for chance that we dont miss out on anything you can keep that for further asistance. Once youre log into your cPanel dashboard you have a option under files, file manager, so click this.


In the option “public_html” you’ll be installing your WordPress folder.

2 – Download wordpress install file

So by login into your WordPress website you have this download version, click this. You have a zip file here (see timecode 1:21) so if you click this you have the file downloaded.

We have already the file downloaded so what well do by right clicking this well be into this folder so now you can press upload you can select the file from here this is the file that we just downloaded.

You can see the downloading is in progress.

Once its a 100% complete, youll have the file completely installed in this. Now press go back

You can see the file installed here (see timecode 1:55)

3 – Extract wordpress installation files

So right click this folder and extract the details. This is your root folder you need to keep in account of this, so extract the file.

Just press close and now open this folder. Select all, right click and move this to your root folder, so move the files. Now go one level up you can now delete your WordPress folder by right clicking.

Similarly you can delete the zip folder by right clicking. Now once you have all the details in your root folder you can go back to your cPanel and then create a database under the section database you just click MySQL database.

There you need to create the username. By entering the details you can set the username.

4 – Configure the wordpress database and password

So press create database and this will be added, you can see the message here here (see timecode 3:01)

Now press go back. Enter the username and your password. Once you enter you have the strength option. If you see you have the password generator option also. Click on this.

You can use the system generated password for your user or else you can set the advanced permissions by clicking here here (see timecode 3:30)

If you want to set alphacharacters you can set lowercase, uppercase or leave them like for both similarly for non alphacharacters. If you want to use this you can simply press use password or press “cancel”.

So we just want to use our own password so we press “cancel” and create the user.

So you can see the user has been added to the database, now press “go back”. This was the database that we added and this is your user that we added. So now this are the details that you can keep in account within your sticky note like we have done.


Because this will be use to in your WordPress login, so click “add” and you can set the privileges to your user. Note that you can copy easily from here (see timecode 4:15).

So check this box and you set all the privileges by clicking “Make changes”. You just requested for privileges. Now press “go back”. Now go back to your cPanel, enter the URL for the WordPress login admin.

Once you enter here (see timecode 4:38) you can select the language like english, and continue.

Press “lets go” enter the details like database name that we just set. You can copy directly from here. You can copy the username, password as you remember, so you can leave the database host and table prefix as it is and press “submit”.

5 – Start the installation of wordpress

Now you can run the install. This will help your WordPress to communicate with your database

Now you can set the site title. Ex: mysite1234

You can set the username mysite. Now this is the password that you can set “admin1234”.

And you can use this, for you want to have a confirmation for the password, then user email and install the WordPress. You can save the password if you want or you can click never, so if you want you can save this username.

So this will be helping you in case for further like you forget. Just Log in this username will be use to login. You can see the name that we set for the site is displayed here (see timecode 6:12)

So now enter the username. You can use the password that we just use like admin1234 and press “login”. This will take you to your WordPress dashboard. This is your dashboard, you can set never there you can set your appearance plugin for the user permission.

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