How to install a WordPress theme

1 – Login WordPress admin to install the theme

In this tutorial well be learning how to manage your WordPress theme within your WordPress admin. For that you need to login to your WordPress admin. Once you hit the URL by entering the credentials, you can press “Login”.

Once you enter your dashboard you can see you have the option “Appearance”. Under this you have to select “Themes”, so press this.

You can see this are the presently available themes in your dashboard. If we just click any of the themes, by right clicking to the Live Preview you have a new window open here (see timecode: 1:04).


2 – Change the installed WordPress theme colors and appearance

So you can change any of the things that you want to customize within your present theme, for example if we change the color you can select here (see timecode: 1:12), if we want to set like a blue color you can Save and Activate.

Similarly if you want to customize further you can click here (see timecode: 1:24).

And manage your header image you can add your new image.

Set the background image by selecting an image like we select here you can drag from your system as well, if you have it in your media library you can do that

Like this you can set further changes like Widgets, Menu Static Front Page, Featured content, Site identity. So you can manage all this things.

Once you press this, you can click “save” like we have already save and activated, so you can just have a live preview of the theme here (see timecode: 2:02)

3 – Download and install a customized WordPress theme

This is your theme, so now if you want to add your own theme you just need to click this “Add New button”. For that you need to upload your own theme as you can see here (see timecode: 2:13).

You can download any of the themes or if you have one in your desktop. So you can simply select one like we have well show you how to choose a file.

This is the theme that we have downloaded so you can run install now.

So you can see this is the theme that has been unpackaged, click “Live Preview”.

4 – Customize and manage the installed theme

So now you can manage the widget, the side bar, Static Front page. You can choose between Static page with whatever you want to have, like a Front site Sample Page, or if you want to keep it the same, you can do it.

If you want add a menu on your website, go to menu, type the name of the menu and click add menu.

So if you press save and activate, you have this (see timecode 3:16).

This is the theme that we just downloaded.

If you just log into your WordPress admin and press theme you have the theme here, so if you want to you can customize it, or you can simply use this theme.



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