Create an email account in cPanel

This article shows the entire process to create an email account in cPanel, manage this account, acess the webmail, and configure your email client. This article was based in a Copahost cheap web hosting server.

First of all, you must access your cpanel at  (Don’t forget to replace with your site’s domain name)

Let’s start to create an email account in cPanel

Just click in the option Email Accounts, which is located right under the tab Email.

create email account in cpanel 1


Now in this screen, you have to choose the username and password of your email account.

In Mailbox Quota, you will choose the disk space limit for this email. We advise to create email accounts in cPanel using a high quota size, or else, with unlimited quota. This will prevent you from running our of space and losing email messages.

After that, click Create Account

Create an email account

Acessing your webmail

After creating your email, you can now open your webmail at:
You must enter the email and the password just configured.

Create an email account webmail

Using a custom email client

To use your created email with a custom email client, such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook, etc.. You must take note of these details:

IMAP – – Port 143
SMTP – – Port 587 (some providers may use port 25)
POP – – Port 110
Login – exactly the email you created. In this example, the login is
Password – the same password created

Important: you have to replace with your domain name.

Managing and changing the created email accounts in cPanel

In cPanel, inside the Email Accounts option, we can also manage the emails.

Some common options:

Password – To change the email account password
Quota – Change the disk space limit of the account
Set Up Mail Client – Automated scripts to configure your email client
Delete – Removes the email account

create email account in cpanel 4

By clicking in the More box, you will have some aditional options to manage your email accounts, such as Suspend and Suspend Login , which will block temporarily the user email, Suspend Incoming Mail, that will deny new emails from being received . Access Webmail, which will lead you directly to the user webmail. And Configure Calendars and Contacts.

create email account in cpanel 5

Vídeo showing the entire process to create your email account in cPanel


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