How to manage email lists in cPanel using mailman

1 – Open the email lists section inside cPanel

Once you enter your credentials like username and password, you can simply press “Log In”.

Now this is your cPanel dashboard, here (see timecode: 0:41) in the section “EMAIL” you simply need to press “Mailing Lists”. Once you enter in your mailing lists, you can Create a Mailing List. You should create a name and password, then enter the password again.

Now this is the strength of the password that you just enter. If you click on this password generator you have a system generated password you can change also like clicking on generate password if you click on advanced options you can further manage the strength of your password.


So if you just want to use this password, you can simply press use password or either case press cancel.

Then the main thing that is to be keep on account is Access Type. Always keep your account public

2 – Create the email list

in order to manage and merge with your cPanel, so once you confirm this you can simply press “add”. You see a message that mailing list has been created which has an access type Public, now “go back” and you can see “” has been created with the user of this access type Public, this is the admin that will be used.

If you want to delete you can simply press here (see timecode: 2:05), you can change your password or you can manage further settings. So in order to enable or disable your mailman, you can click on “manage”.

3 – Configure and manage your email list

Now you other Log into your mail configuration here (see timecode: 2:05) if you check

This is your mailman configuration that you need to keep in account of.

By default is set to No so you simply need to press “yes”.

And submit your changes. So the fundamental changes have been done you can see make

your changes in the following section.

If you want to do any further changes you can do it in this area (see timecode: 2:48)

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