Create aditional FTP accounts in cPanel

In this tutorial, we will show how to create additional FTP accounts with cPanel. This way, additional users can perform FTP file transfers in the server.

First of all, log into your cPanel. Once you enter your username and password you can press “Login”.

So now you’re into your cPanel dashboard. Under the section file, you can click “FTP account”


And create one, so now you can add an FTP account login. After creating a password you can see the strength of the password that you just entered manually.

If you want a system generated a password you can use this option by clicking here (see timecode 1:11).

You see you have a system generated password. If you feel this is easy to learn with them you can use this directly, either case you can use advanced setting options. Press this, and you can use the lowercase, uppercase, select between numbers and symbols or either case keep it both. This help strengthens your password at a much more pace.

So if you feel you’re comfortable learning this, you can use Password or either case press cancel and use your manual password.

So now you have the quota which is the main thing that is to be keep account if.  In the account, you have to manage this quota to several MB or you want to keep this unlimited. For example, we keep 200 MB at the instance, so you can press “create FTP”.

The account with the name tester12 is created. Now we can see “” is created. This is the usage MB that has been generated. If you want to change this password you can manage it from here (see timecode 2:14).

You can change the quota as well by clicking this. You can delete this user also, and if you want to configure this FTP client you need to click here (see timecode 2:23).

So now you have to keep in the account of this data, you can do copy and paste this. For example, we use this and keep them safe.

So now if you have Filezilla within your system you can open that.

Now you see you have this data here (see timecode 2:51). FTP username so this has to be entered. The password can be entered manually. You have the server and FTP explicit port.

You can enter and quickly connect to your FTP site account.



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