Best and cheap host for websites

Nowadays there are some hosting offers available on the internet. But when it comes to a question: what is the best and cheap host for websites, how should we proceed to identify the best hosting company? There are some factors to consider, and in this article, we will explain what to look for whenever looking for a web hosting plan for your web site.

Best and cheap host for WordPress websites

If you are planning to host a WordPress website, you must first of all look for a hosting company that may offer SSD storage for your MySQL databases. WordPress sites demand a very high load in a database, especially when you have more than 10 WordPress plugins installed.

SSD storage increases MySQL query performance by 80 to 100%. In other words, when you try to find the best and cheap WordPress hosting plan, look for SSD in storage. You may think having a server with SSD storage is expensive. Not really. Copahost offers a best and cheap host for websites with SSD storage.

Also, it’s important to have a specialized team to provide you with a WordPress ready hosting plan. Having WordPress pre-installed with plugins and security configurations is a must.


Copahost’s WordPress hosting plans (from 1,99€) come with these plugins pre-installed:

  • WP SuperCache, which enables a caching for most of the pages, images and data. It speeds up the loading time by up to 20%.
  • Sucuri Security, it’s a malware scanner and security auditing plugin. It can show alerts in real-time whenever a security issue is detected.
  • Yoast SEO, which is the best and cheapest plugin for SEO. It optimizes your articles in real-time while writing. Also, it handles your XML Sitemaps, SEO friendly URLs and 301 redirects.
  • A3 Lazy Load, which is a caching system for images. It makes your page load faster, and only load images when you scroll down. It speeds up your website by 15%.
  • And many other cool plugins.

Cheap and best host with cPanel

cPanel is the world’s most used control panel. Despite being a great tool, in August of 2019, it announced a huge price increase. That automatically meant to increase the price of web hosting plans with cPanel in all the market. Before that, cPanel web servers could run any number of accounts without issues.

But, there are great alternative control panels, which are cheaper and as good as cPanel. Whenever we try to find a best and cheap host for websites, considering a cheaper web hosting control panel is also a great alternative.

Copahost offers cheap hosting plans for web sites both with cPanel and DirectAdmin control panel. DirectAdmin is easier to use, very stable and robust control panel. It’s perfectly compatible with Softaculous free auto-installer, Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificates plugin.

Low-cost host for websites with free SSL

In the past, an SSL certificate used to cost $99 per year. Only 2% of the websites used an SSL Certificate, as it wasn’t a mandatory item. Now, Copahost offers a free SSL certificate for its hosting plans.

Ok, but why do I need HTTPS in my site? Google nowadays ranks every secure website higher than non-secure. Also, as internet traffic grows, there are more and more incidents of data interception. Using a secure HTTPS server prevents you from such issues. Also, it enables you to perform transactions with credit cards and sell online.

Best and cheap host with free domain registration

Not only by offering the best control panels, and a smooth WordPress support, Copahost also offers a free domain. Simply by paying one year of hosting in advance, you get a free domain registration.


Copahost is the best and cheap host for websites, as it offers plans from 1,99€ per month. Also, free SSL, free auto-installer and a free website builder are available. Not only that, but Copahost also offers free domain registration if you pay one year of hosting in advance.


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