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WordPress is an open-source content management system. It has grown over the years from a simple blogging platform to a full-fledged content management system. It is currently the most popular CMS and powers over 30% of all websites. In this article, we will explain all the WordPress hosting costs, and how much you need to spend to host a WordPress-based site.

WordPress itself is free and usually, the costs associated with a WordPress website are hosting and domain costs. You may incur other costs such as web design fees if you hire someone to build your website. If you use premium themes and plugins those might be an additional cost. If you get a custom-designed WordPress theme that will probably cause your overall budget to increase significantly. It is possible to build a WordPress website for as low as under $100 per year or even for free. On the other hand, a custom-designed WordPress website can go for $10,000+.

In this article, we will look at WordPress hosting costs and the various options available for hosting a WordPress website.

wordpress hosting costs


Cost of WordPress Themes

There are 3 types of themes that are available for WordPress. Free themes, premium themes, and custom-designed themes.

There are several thousand free themes available in the WordPress repository. Free themes are great when you are starting out. However, eventually, you will realize they have several limitations, often lack in design and sometimes have poorly written code. Some free themes are not regularly updated and lack support as well.

Most premium WordPress themes are priced at under $100. Often, they will have better designs than free themes. Support will usually be free for a few months. They will have more extensive features than free themes. Sometimes they are bundled with premium plugins which save costs.

Custom design themes will be more expensive than both free and premium themes. Decently designed custom-designed themes will cost $1,000 upwards. Some can even cost $30,000+. However, these should only be used when you have very specific requirements that are not met by premium themes. If you are building a small business website, for example, there is no need to get a custom-designed theme.

Domain Costs

Another cost associated with WordPress websites is the domain name costs. This will cost under €20 annually for most domain extensions. It is an insignificant cost and you would incur it whether you use WordPress or any other platform.

When choosing a domain name, it is advisable to always use a .com and choose a short and easy to remember domain name.

Web hosting providers

Choosing a good web hosting provider is critical for the success of any website. There are several factors to consider when choosing a Webhost. You need to consider the speed of the servers, uptime, downtime, security of the servers, customer support, data centers, etc.

There are many web hosting providers for all different types of hosting services. Copahost offers competitive hosting packages at great prices.

Shared WordPress hosting costs

Shared hosting is probably the most popular hosting option. Many users when building a new website tend to start with a shared host and move on to other hosting options as need be. Shared hosting allows web hosts to host many websites on a single web server. Each customer on the server will have a limit of resources that are available to them. It is the cheapest option available in most cases.

Copahost shared hosting packages start from € 1.99 per month for the economy package and € 2.99 per month for the value package and € 4.99 per month for the professional hosting package. All 3 packages have unlimited emails, 24/7 support and unlimited email accounts. The disk space and the bandwidth differ on each package. The economy package has 100GB of disk space and you would have to have an exceptionally large website to use that kind of space. Most WordPress websites are a few hundred megabytes to a few gigabytes. Given the large disk space and the bandwidth on all the packages, you can easily host multiple websites on any of the packages.

Managed WordPress

Managed WordPress hosting is a service offered by hosting providers where they manage all the technical aspects of a WordPress installation. Technical aspects such as WordPress updates, backups, uptime, security, etc are all taken care of by the hosting provider. Usually managed WordPress hosting will come with premium support. Managed WordPress hosting will take the hassle out of managing technical aspects of your WordPress website. This will allow you to focus on your business instead of worrying about security and updates of your WordPress website.

The price of managed WordPress hosting will usually be higher than shared hosting.

Reseller hosting

With a reseller hosting package, the account owner of the reseller hosting service can resale their hosting resources. They can do this by creating packages that split portions of resources allocated to them. The account owner will act as a hosting service provider.

The end-users will have individual control panels and will not be able to see or modify other accounts hosted by the reseller. It is a great way to start earning by reselling web hosting services.

Copahost has four different reseller hosting packages each with different resource limits. The reseller hosting packages start from € 4.99 per month all the way to € 21.45 per month.


The reseller hosting account comes with cPanel and WHM which are popular web hosting management panels. WHM will allow you to create separate hosting accounts for your users and allocate hosting resources to them. Copahost allows you to order a reseller hosting package with a WHMCS license as well. WHMCS is one of the best web hosting billing platforms. It has all the features required by a web host to bill clients for web hosting. It can be connected with the WHM panel to automate the selling of hosting packages.


If you have a simple website a domain name will cost you about €15 annually and the shared hosting economy package will cost you € 1.99 per month. If you have a more complex website or different requirements you may need to choose a different hosting package.

Given there are several hosting plans available for WordPress, you need to choose one that best suits your needs and budget. As a conclusion, WordPress hosting costs can be quite low or high, according to your website’s traffic demand.

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