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We’re now living in the digital age. It’s easier than ever for bloggers, small businesses, and larger businesses alike to set up a website with a few clicks of the mouse. However, with so many options available. It can be difficult to see through the marketing-speak and decide what’s the best option for your business. In this article, we will analyse Google web hosting price and compare it with other hosting companies.

When it comes to web hosting services, the big players in the game are often the first place people look. In 2019, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud hold a significant market share in the web hosting landscape, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best option. Amazon and Google are big names and therefore they can capitalise on their brand to bring new customers in.

However, when you get down to the basics of what a customer wants from a web hosting service, these companies are often behind the competition when it comes to affordable plans, user experience, resources, and plans that actually meet the customer’s needs.

Google Web Hosting – Is It Free?

Google Web Hosting aims to be transparent about their pricing, but in actuality, the pricing structure can be confusing. It has a pricing calculator available, but you practically have to be a graduate-level IT whizz just to understand it. The terminology they use on the calculator simply isn’t accessible to the average customer, which means many customers are likely choosing plans that are not suitable for their business.


Google uses a pay-per-use type methodology that, while cheaper than AWS, is often far more expensive than other web hosting alternatives like Copahost. With a pay-per-use model, you’re never actually sure what you’re going to pay until it’s time to pay. Google does offer estimates on some of their plans, but these estimates make certain assumptions about your usage that may not be accurate.

At Copahost, we pride ourselves on offering transparent prices that have an easy to understand breakdown. This way the information is accessible to all of our customers and potential customers. On the surface, Google may appear to be cheap because each individual component of the web hosting service is cheap, but when you add them all together, the price is often much more expensive than you were expecting.

Google Web Hosting price vs Copahost price

Google offers two plans for small and medium-sized businesses, a Self-Managed plan using the WordPress publishing platform, and a Build-On-Your-Own plan. It estimates that the Self-Managed plan with WordPress would cost a user $13.61 (€12.25)1. This may seem reasonable at first glance. But when you compare it to Copahost’s plans, the difference in price is huge.

Even our most expensive web hosting plan, the Professional Hosting plan, is less than half the cost of Google’s plan, coming in at €4.99. Then consider that even on our cheapest plan, the Economy Plan. You get 10 times more disk space with Copahost, and this plan is €1.99. For your €12.25 with Google, you get 10GB disk space, and on our Economy Plan, you get 100GB of disk space.

It’s difficult to get exact prices for the Build-Your-Own plan by Google. They require users to sign up and submit a bunch of data before you can get started on the process. Also, google web hosting price will depend on a number of factors. But it’s reasonable to assume that since this is a more involved process, the price is likely even higher.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system (CMS), currently boasting a 60.4% market share2. There is a multitude of reasons why users prefer WordPress to other website building platforms, but it mainly comes down to it being highly customisable. SEO friendly, safe and secure, and easy to manage. WordPress actually isn’t the most user-friendly platform out there.

But what it lacks in flashiness it makes up for in functionality. WordPress essentially allows you to create the perfect website for your business and optimise so efficiently that the Google search engine will rank it highly. This is why so many web hosting services support WordPress. They understand that customers want to get the most from their website, so they incorporate WordPress functionality into the service. However, a good web hosting service should have good functionality as well as good security, and good prices. This is what we aim to provide at Copahost.

The Copahost control panel makes it incredibly easy to set up your WordPress site with only a few clicks. We have a fully compatible WordPress environment. It receives automatic updates to ensure you are always running the most secure version of the service. Outdated software is a major security risk and one of the major ways malicious hackers gain unauthorised access to websites. So we like to ensure that customers are never left in this vulnerable position. Our servers have a 99.8% uptime guarantee, 24/7 technical support, and daily backups. These features make our WordPress solution extremely safe and stable compared to our competitors.

AWS vs Google Cloud Platform vs Copahost

AWS was the first major cloud provider to hit the market, and because of this, they were essentially setting their prices without any competitors of the same size in mind. However, as soon as Google came on the scene, the flaw in this strategy started to show as their competitors started offering cheaper rates. When we say competitive rates, we mean compared to the other big players, but not as competitive as Copahost. AWS’s prices are considerably more than Google’s so they have seen Google snap up some of their market shares. Google Cloud Platform ranges from 15% to 41% cheaper than AWS, which can amount to very expensive prices for larger companies3.

Why Choose Copahost?

Copahost offers plans for businesses of all sizes. But the approach we take is always the same: high security, easy to use, high performance, and all at a low cost. We offer a safe and secure service with our strong firewall. It can ward off even the most persistent DDoS attacks, viruses, and other threats. The design philosophy is focused around simplicity and ease of use. This way customers can get the most from their web hosting experience. When it comes to picking your web hosting service, bigger isn’t better. Higher quality and inexpensive is better, and this is what we offer our customers. Google Web hosting price may look attractive at first, but Copahost’s are better in the long run.



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