Web server price: the costs to rent a server

Whenever we plan to have a web site online on the internet, we must consider the costs. The price of web server software isn’t exactly the main issue when planning to bring a web site online. Web server price depends on how much resources you need for your website, and what kind of infrastructure you can afford.

More than 99% of the web sites use shared hosting as a solution. In other words, they rent a space in web hosting companies, sharing a big physical server with other customers. Copahost, for instance, offers cheap shared web servers at low prices, starting at 1,99€ per month.

Having your own server versus price to rent a web server

A web hosting company basically provide several big servers connected to the internet, 24 hours a day. It’s perfectly possible to have your own web server up and running, in your office for example. There may be some surprises when calculating the web server price if you plan to run a local web server.

There are lots of disadvantages on running your own web server, despite the price:

  • High energy costs
  • Web server configurations of HTTP, DNS, FTP.. require efforts and time
  • Security updates must be performed daily
  • A good firewall must be configured
  • The control panel license costs are quite high (see here).
  • There are efforts to monitor your web server (we recommend Nagios).

Why you should consider a shared web server, and what’s the price?

Basically, having a shared hosting web server is a perfect solution for 99% of the web sites on the internet. Copahost, for example, have a web hosting plans starting at 1,99€ per month.

Advantages and costs of a shared web server:

  • Cheaper price
  • No surprises with the energy bill
  • Domain registration services
  • There is a specialized team monitoring your web server
  • Expertise in security configurations
  • A very rich and complete control panel, without extra prices.

Conclusion about web server prices

It’s not worthy to have a local web server running, as its monthly cost is usually high. In this other article, we show some web server examples. If you really need to run a local web server, there are good and free solutions like Centos Web Panel.  It will save some working hours and effort configuring your web hosting server.

As a conclusion, a shared hosting web server price is way lower than running your own server.

Copahost shared hosting servers offers a more complete control panel, like DirectAdmin and cPanel. Our web hosting plans come with free SSL certificates, a pre-configured DNS server and email infrastructure. And also, a 24 hour qualified technical support, ready to solve any issue that may happen.

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