Cheap shared hosting: the evolution over the years

This article explains what is a cheap shared hosting provider, and how a web server can be sliced into several “slots”, hosting more than one website at once. One hosting server is a hardware node that has several gigabytes of disk storage and many RAM memory. Each site has a disk space quota, with a specific web server configuration. The web server is shared, having several virtual hosts.  Each customer have access to a control panel, where it manages its email accounts, site configuratins, databases and other configurations.

One single server hardware can over 500 websites at the same time. Apache web server, the most popular http server, is able to identify which domain is being requested for the client, and output the corresponding hosted website according to its domain name.

Cheap shared hosting companies will sell spaces in a professional hardware server. Copahost provides cheap shared hosting from €1,99 per month.

cheap shared hosting


Cost evolution of the cheap shared hosting

Any PC can be used as a web server and perform a shared hosting role. Professional hosting companies uses Xeon CPU servers with more than 4 or 8 disks in RAID-10. Of course there are cheap shared hosting servers as alternatives. In this article, we tested a dedicated server with mysql and php in a raspberry pi.

During the decade of 90, such plans used to cost over €50. The CPU’s were small, and a cheap shared hosting server of this time was able to host no more than 50 websites at once, in average. In 1998, Intel released its first Xeon processor. It was the Drake Pentium II Xeon. It had a huge improvement in the servers market, and a Xeon based server could then host somewhere near 100-150 websites. In 2006, the first Xeon Dual Core processor was released, the Xeon 5020. Since then, the server CPU’s are multiplying their code numbers.  In the decade of 2010, most of the CPU’s will have 4 cores or more. Some have 8, 12 and 16 cores, being able to host more than 2000 websites at once.

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