How to buy a domain name?

How to buy domain

The name of your website is termed as the domain name that serves as the address using which internet users can access your site. The domain name is useful for identifying and finding computers on the internet.  A series of number known as IP address is used by computers but humans cannot easily remember these number strings. This is the reason why domain names were introduced so that one can use them for the identification of Internet entities instead of using the IP addresses. If you wish to know more, then you may read about what is a domain name guide by Copahost. Let’s move forward to know how to buy a domain name for a cheap price.

Any arrangement of numbers and letters could be the domain name and it is used in the amalgamation of several extensions of domain names like .net, .com, etc.  Before using a domain name, it is necessary to register it. The same domain name cannot be there for two websites since each domain name is exceptional. For instance, the address will only lead a person to the website that you own instead of someone else’s site.

The domain names act like the shortcut to a server on which your website is hosted. In the absence of domain name, if someone wants to visit your site then he has to enter your complete IP address that is difficult to remember for most of the people.


Who can buy a domain name, and how to do it?

Any individual or company can have a domain name. it is the name of your website for which you make some payment and purchase it. You own the domain name as long as you are making payment for the same.  It is important to keep this fact mind. For this purpose, you need to think and make a list of some good names for domain. By selecting the best domain name, you can consider your industry and potential customers to find the name that best matches them.

For purchasing the domain, you need to make some payment to get the ownership of the domain. With this, you get the ability to claim for the domain name on an immediate basis. After purchasing the domain name, you own it as long as you pay for its renewals yearly. The domain name also needs a web host and therefore you need to look for the best and most suitable web hosting plan.

A web host could be considered as the physical space provider for your web content considered as the store. You can display the products of your store in this physical space. These are images, text, videos and other such content of your site.

How to buy domain

How much does it cost on average a domain name?

For making a website, the first and foremost task is domain registration. Before this, you can also consider selecting the web host but it is not possible to skip any of these. Several options are available in domain registrars but not all of them are reliable. To select the best from the options available, you need to consider different factors such as support provided by the hosting, user experience, cost, etc. Another significant factor is domain reliability and you should not ignore this since it is the case of privacy and security of your domain.

Different prices are charged by different domain registrars and therefore your selection for domain registrar will decide the price that you have to pay for getting the desired domain.  Some of the extensions that are highly preferred are .net, .com, .biz, .info, .org, etc. since they fall in the category of top-level domains (TLD). Here is the price comparison of some of the best domain registrars to help you select the best and affordable option. On average, the cost of domain names ranges from $0.99-$12/ month.

Domain registrars   Price per year

Copahost    $5.50

NameCheap    $8.88

GoDaddy     $11.99

Bluehost    $11.99

Enom     $13.95    $9.99

DreamHost    $9.99

A2 Hosting    $14.95

iPage     $10.99


Copahost is the best and most affordable option out of these. Here you can buy domain name cheap. When you make payment for yearly hosting, they offer domain in the first year for free. So you can find the most desirable option from these for getting the domain name in the plan that suits your budget.

Domain name search

First of all, before purchasing the domain, you must perform a domain name search. This can be done in Copahost, at this link. You simply need to write the desired domain name, and then it will query the internet to show whether this domain is available.

If the domain name is available (is the domain is not taken), you can register it. Copahost offers a free domain registration if you pay the hosting plan for 1 year in advance or more.

How to buy a domain name from someone?

If your domain name search shows this domain is taken by someone else, you can perform a WHOIS search to discover the contact information of its owner. It’s possible to buy a domain name which is taken by someone else.

In this case, you need to establish direct contact with the owner, and make a domain name transfer to your ownership. This domain transfer procedure can be done from the previous domain name registrar to Copahost if you wish.

Domain name registrar

A domain name registrar is an entity that keeps and controls many domain names registration for its customers. Copahost is an accredited domain registrar, holding more than 50,000 domain names currently.

How to maintain the domain name after it is purchased?

In your journey to have an online presence, the first step is buying a domain name. After you buy a domain name, you need to take subsequent steps for maintaining it in the best way possible and making a strong online presence. In this process, the following steps can help you after purchasing the domain name. After registering the domain, you need to pay its renewal fees yearly. If you don’t pay the renewal fee, your domain will expire and become available for someone else to register it.

Sync your hosting and domain

After purchasing the domain name for making a website, the next step is to get a hosting account. In the next step, you need to transfer the nameservers such that they point towards your host location.

Set up a domain-specific email address:

It is best to have the email address that is specific to your domain to go with the new domain. in this manner, you can give a more professional look to your website. It is your hosting plan on which depends the number of email addresses that you can develop.

Secure similar handles for social media

It helps in making a strong online presence for your brand.

Make a list of goals for the site:

Before starting with the website, you should make an actionable plan keeping in mind your objectives. After all, thousands of directions are possible for a new website.

Is it possible to buy a domain name forever?

No. You need to renew your domain from time to time. If you need to buy a domain name for a long period, you can renew it for 5 or 10 years.

Conclusion: How to buy a domain name cheap?

This guide has explained the different steps that are important for buying a domain name. if you want to have an online presence then it is must to have a domain name. However, the tricky part is to select the right domain name that goes well with your industry and services. Then you have to check whether the domain name is available or not. After deciding these factors, you need to make payment and own the domain name and then take the necessary steps to maintain it as explained above.

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