Unixbench is the most used benchmarking software tool. It can measure the performance of bash scripts, CPUs in multithreading and single threading. It can also measure the performance for parallel taks. Also, specific disk IO for small and large files are performed. You can use it to measure either linux dedicated servers and linux vps servers, running CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and other distros.

benchmarking a linux server with unixbench

It is based in the BYTE UNIX benchmarking algorythm, which has been updated oftenly over years. It uses the hi-res time functions form Perl, and calculates the time difference between the beginning and the end of such testing processes.


Preparing the server

For CentOS

For Debian

Now, download and execute Unixbench

Here’s a sample output, as we tested the performance of a vps server from Copahost:


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