How to make money blogging and earn up to 10,000€ a month

Blogging can be a productive hobby or a downright wastage of your time and resources – it can be a great way to express your thoughts and talents. But here is the catch – as long as you have unique ideas and decide on a specific niche, you are good to make money with your blogs. It can be a side hustle just like on, or even your own websites, or a full-time freelance career. Whenever someone asks us whether how to make money blogging, we can show several options to your success.

You can have a blog as a hobby or make money as big as 10,000€ per month. This article will give you an insight into how to make the best out of your blog.

Here are some tips for starting an effective blog:

Decide a niche

It is imperative that you brainstorm your ideas and decide on a targeted niche to write your blogs. Remember that to make money blogging requires you to be inserted in a profitable niche. Decide who your audience will be and how do you want your blog to positively influence people. According to a survey, only 1 in every 60 bloggers create mind-blowing content that breaks records and creates a big source of income. Deciding on a specific demographic would help you in writing content that rings close to your readers’ needs.


Remember, good content is not only ‘readable’ by Google’s algorithms, but it is also useful to the readers. One of the major things that can make your blogging career is the value your content brings to the world. Another positive point of targeting a niche is Google values unique content. Also, if you are writing on a specific niche with original and productive content, you will soon make up to the top searches on the first page of Google.

Decide a domain name

A domain name is the website URL that marks your footprint on the web. Once you have decided the niche, you can easily choose a good domain and check its availability on the best domain hosting services on the web. Registering your domain name with a good hosting service is important since it affects your site’s credibility and speed. A good rule of thumb for a successful blog is to have an optimize site speed above 90 out of 100. Copahost offers domain names and hosting services.

We suggest that you stick to a .com domain name extension as this will save you a lot of troubles with other domain types such as .org, .uk etc. For example, you chose a domain name It will automatically show credibility and professionalism to your readers. A good domain is very important to make money blogging.

how to make money blogging - choose your domain

Get a good web hosting service

Hosting means your domain needs to sit somewhere on the servers to exist on the internet. Once you have decided your domain name you will need to set up hosting services with a reliable host. To make money blogging, a reliable hosting company is mandatory.

We recommend Copahost for various reasons:

Dynamic Hosting

Copahost enables you to host your website no matter what service you used to design your website such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc. Some other hosting services may work better only for a specific platform. Copahost services include best quality hosting for all types of websites, like WordPress for instance.

Cheap prices

With its customer services based in Europe, Copahost is your best affiliate partner. With its cheap hosting plans, it’s is a very reliable service. Copahost offers an initial plan of € 1.99 per month for beginners. Once you’ve got larger traffic you can switch to the unlimited package platform with as little as € 2.99 per month. Moreover, you can also get an unlimited disk space if your blog has grown outrageously with a huge number of readers coming to your blog. The professional hosting is accessible in as little as € 4.99 as compared to other expensive hosting sites that charge up to $15 per month for unlimited disk space and traffic.

how to make money blogging


Copahost’s hosting facilities are world-class with 24/7 customer support by email or phone. It also offers an integrated website builder with simple drag and drops features you can use to build your website without any programming knowledge. A bad web hosting company can damage your SEO, as Google doesn’t like slow or offline websites. Whenever people ask us about how to make money blogging, we suggest having a stable and reliable hosting partner.


Copahost’s server security offers an automatic update of the server’s operating systems. The network’s security updates keep your website’s safe from external attacks such as security bypass or hacking attempts.

Once you have decided the domain name and set up your hosting successfully, you will now need to set up your blog to make the best use of the website with curated content.

How to set up the WordPress blog

Regardless of which platform you chose to build your website, including niche-specific keywords in your content strategically have to be included to increase the credibility of your content and website.

Pre-installed WordPress

Every cheap web hosting plan at Copahost includes a pre-installed WordPress. In a few clicks through the control panel, you can access your WordPress blog. You can see more here.

Set up the website

Since the new emergence of website building software, it has become very easy to build your own website using drag-and-drop features within hours. For instance, you can easily build a website using WordPress by choosing an integrated theme within.

Integrate the best plugins

Plug-ins are a third party appendage that extends or adds additional functionality to the existing software. WordPress offers thousands of free plug-ins easily integrated into your website. However, it is advised that you use minimum plug-ins but choose the best to get the best output from them. Installing a WordPress plugin is quite an easy task. Here are some of the ‘tested’ best plug-ins for your website:


Yoast SEO plug-in : If you were to use only one plug-in with your website, we would suggest you use the Yoast SEO plug-in by WordPress. Tested for its reliability and effective it is the de facto plug-in for almost all bloggers out there. It gives you insightful suggestions to include or remove SEO keywords from your content or add better titles and subheadings. If you are a beginner in blogging then it is the best tool for you to optimize your content. Yoast works for both your readers and Google to increase viewership and site rankings.

Yoast is your best partner to guarantee a nice and smooth SEO. Nowadays, 90% of the traffic will come from Google. To make money blogging, you need to focus on your keywords and content most of the time.

seo to make money blogging

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights: Google’s analytics tool offers you an insightful approach to evaluate how is your site performing. You can make data-driven decisions through the stats that Google Analytics offers. These include information on demographics, viewership, post rankings, site performance, visitor volume, traffic reports, sale reports and much more! The conversion stats and the reports would also provide useful to you in creating new and better-curated content as your site grows.

Blog with style

Congratulations! You have created your blog website. Now you can create amazing content for the world to read and respond to while you can also earn money doing your favourite thing. Now, this is the time to tinker away your thoughts and also get a stable income through it. But be aware, blogging is not an overnight success. You will need to curate original and interesting content and also give it at least 6 months to build a proper viewership and enable earning sources such as Google Adsense.

Enable monetization on your website

There are hundreds of ways you can choose to set up multiple income streams for your website. You should choose what works best for you. Are you going to be an affiliate partner? Are you going to monetize Google Adsense? Or maybe going for independent Ads? There are many answers and methods on how to make money blogging. we suggest picking always more than one. Once you decide on your primary income stream you should integrate it into all your content to get the most out of it. Here are some ways you can build a steady income through your website:

Google Adsense

You won’t be able to earn money through Google Adsense unless you have a large traffic or site readership. Google will automatically place ads on your website according to your niche once you have turned on your Adsense account with Google.

Affiliate partner

Big companies such as Copahost,, and others pay you a percentage of their earnings through a product’s sales on your website. You can add affiliate links on your website directly or integrate them into a blog or your website content. Once a reader clicks on the provided link and makes a lead through that ad, the affiliate partner will pay you a fixed amount. This can be either from the purchase of that product if the reader decided to buy that product or service. For instance, Copahost Affiliates offers a 20% commission to their affiliate partner if someone decides to purchase the hosting services from their blog. The commission price is indicative for lifetime purchase on the affiliate partner’s websites.

Guest blogging

Large businesses all over the world are always looking for outsourcing when it comes to creating curated content for their website. It takes almost 2-3 hours to write a good 1000 word blog. These businesses do not have time to set up their own website. Also, may not have large traffic of readers. Or even, may simply not have time to write an SEO rich content for their service. If your blog has a large number of constant traffic you can offer to put up guest posts on your blog. You can also include other people’s business links within your own blog’s content. A platform such as enables bloggers to offer guest blogging services to big businesses and earn a steady source of income through it.

The larger your site’s repeating audience and the heavier the traffic, the more would be your site’s credibility. Also, it is imperative that you chose a good domain name. It would perform well even when your site grew also known as good domain authority. The more age, popularity, and size of your website the more amount per blog advertisers would be willing to pay yours for posting a guest blog on your website. Sites such as can be credited with very high domain authority, DA.

Private Ads

You can also sell private or commercial ads on your blog if your site has a huge readers base. Companies will pay you if you put up their ads using two methods:


Companies pay you for these types of ads by cost per click or price per click. For instance, each time a user clicks on the ads on your website, you get paid the fixed amount for that click. These ads are usually in the form of banners or thumbnails on your website.


These types of ads pay you a fixed amount for the number of people that view the add on your website. This type of ad is called, ‘cost per 1000 impressions’ and is the most common type of ads in Google Adsense.

Banners, clickable buttons or links

Advertisers would pay you to put banners, thumbnails or clickable button ads on your website. Of course, as long as your website has good traffic. You can even make money by mentioning the advertiser’s products or services in the content of your website. Even though a banner may look something old, it’s yet a nice method to make money blogging.

Sell courses

Although not very popular among bloggers, selling courses on your website can be a very good source of income if your site has a good ranking and viewership. Sites such as, KhanAcademy, and Quipper have built a large audience through selling courses that are useful to their visitors. You can also give creative curated content on your website to build a stable audience and income, such as which offers unique food recipes and health tips.

You will learn what works best for you by giving it time and perseverance. Remember that a blog does not grow overnight. It can take a lot of work and persistence but if you work smart and build unique content, it will go a long way.

Conclusion: how to make money blogging

WordPress is your best tool to have success and make money blogging. Content and nice SEO are mandatory. Choosing a reliable web hosting company is very important as well. There are many blogs making more than $10,000 a month in revenue. Whenever people ask us how to make money blogging at this point, we suggest choosing more than one income method. For example, affiliates, CPC, guest posting… There is a vast variety of methods!

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