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Managed dedicated servers

Copahost will manage your server at no extra cost. You can find here the conditions and what's included in this service.

  • Reactive support included

    The basic server management includes interactions in the server whenever requested by the customer

  • Technical hours included

    Copahost will help you administrating your server in a standard monthly basis. Our dedicated servers include 2 hours of technical management per month, and our VPS Servers, 1 hour. Each aditional technical hour costs 15 €.

  • Software installations

    We will perform tasks of software installations and updates (including kernel and security patches). We can help you to solve broken applications, services down, disk and fsck problems.

  • cPanel WHM Server management

    We have a vast experience managing cPanel servers and solving its daily problems, such as mitigating email problems, high loads issues, configuring backups, etc.

  • Virtualization servers management

    We will be happy to help you preparing your virtualization enviroment. Our team is skilled in the most common virtualization technologies such as KVM, XEN and OpenVZ.

  • Server reboots

    Unlimited, included.

  • Disk and components replacements

    Broken HDDs, OS reinstallations, fsck or similar tasks will be performed by us.

  • MySQL database optimization and recoveries

    Having a corrupted MySQL database is a common problem in some scenarios. We can help you recovering from such problems, and performing configurations to optimize your databases.

  • Supported OS

    Our server management service is only applicable to Linux servers. Servers running Windows Server (any version) does not include software neither applications management.

What is not included in our basic management services:

The customer will be responsible for:

  • Monitoring the server.
  • Monitoring server backups and its disk spaces
  • Monitoring services like http, ping, smtp, etc.
  • Asking for a reboot when necessary.
  • Identify server issues and contact Copahost whenever necessary.