Terms of use

Date of update: 24 of May of 2018

Before reading the Terms, you can check our Privacy policy - GDPR compliance

Any violations of this terms will result in the account termination by Copahost, without previous notice.

Copahost is controlled by Gallas Carvalho - Internet, Unipessoal Lda., NIPC 513322159 , a company based in Rua do Garrido, 54-A, 1900-250, Lisbon, Portugal . We offer either free and paid web hosting services, with different features.

We reserve the right to change this terms anytime. The user is the only responsible for the content and activity practiced on its website.

The rules:

1. Mass mailing, newsletters or similar activities are forbidden.
2. P2P, torrents or similar applications are forbidden
3. Proxy or transparent browsing activities are forbidden.
4. Online games, gaming scripts, or game servers are forbidden.
5. Any nulled/cracked software is forbidden.
6. Remote loading or hosting backup files in your space is forbidden. The hosting account must host a browseable website.

You agree not to use the service for these purposes:

1. Publish, transfer or maintain content that may be illegal, threatening, abusive, obscene, private, racist, difamation or similars;
2. Publish any person's identity, passport or private information;
3. Publish, transfer or maintain any content that you doesn't own such rights to. You must own the copy rights, trademarks, or any other property rights of every content you are hosting;
4. Publish any multi level marketing related website, service or advertisement;
5. Disseminate viruses, phishing or any software that may steal data from other internet users. It's also forbidden any content that may interrupt or slow a server, hardware or any network/telecommunications channel.
6. Violate any Portuguese law or European Union international law;
7. Publish, transfer or maintain any resource related to terrorism;

Shared hosting policy 1. Each account is limited to 1% of CPU usage. In any of these cases, the user will be notifyed, in order to reduce its usage or upgrade its hosting plan. If the user doesn't take any action, the account is subject to suspension and cancellation. Accounts consuming more than 10% of CPU are subject to immediate suspension, without previous notice. Accounts using more than 1% of CPU may present a slow performance and error messages (i.e.: Forbidden access); 2. Copahost may keep backups of the websites, as long as they host less than 5GB of content and host less than 10.000 inodes (files+folders). By hosting more than these limits, backup will be disabled in our servers. In any case, the customer must perform backups by itself using the control panel backup tools, ftp or phpMyAdmin. The customer is responsible for keeping its updated backups in an external location. Copahost don't offer guarantees of accuracy or integrity of its kept backups. 3. Remote loading or hosting backup files in your space is forbidden. The hosting account must host a browseable website.

Domain names policy

1. Copahost is subjected to third party entities and companies, who control the domain names registry worldwide;
2. Copahost will send emails with billings for the renewals of domains registered with us. Any domain with overdue payments will be removed without guarantees of recovery possibility;

Backup policy

1. The customer is responsible for keeping a backup of its website, emails and databases, updated oftenly;
2. Copahost may provide tools for the customer to generate backups, thus, we cannot guarantee the precision of the backups; In other words, any backup is subject to server failures; We strongly recommend the customer to keep more than one backup (different dates);
3. Should the customer find any issue with the backup tool provided by Copahost, it's obrigated to report it the tech support immediately;
4. Copahost will keep backups of its hosting servers; We don't guarantee the precision and integrity of our personal backups in any way; An aditional fee for recovering backups from our repository may apply; 5. All the accounts using more than 5GB or 100.000 inodes will be removed from the backup system in the server, in order to avoid overloads.

Cancellation policy

The customer can cancel the service anytime, opening a support ticket. Any payment envolving domain registrations are not refundable.
The hosting service must be used "as-is", without any further guarantee.
Any account with overdue payments will be immediately suspended; Accounts with more than 15 days of overdue payment may be permanently removed from the server;

Zero tolerance spam policy

Our shared hosting and reseller hosting servers have a limitation of 500 emails per hour, per account. Sending an amount over this will result in a temporary block of a couple of minutes. If you send emails using a mailing list, the method for obtaining such emails must be double opt-in. In other words, your customer must insert its email throught your website, and afterwards, confirm by clicking in alink inside the email. All the mailing lists must have an opt-out link and a privacy policy link. If there is proof that the client has been used spamming technique in the Internet network, such behavior shall lead to interruption of provided services without prior notice and termination of the Service and termination of relating contract. The Client also refrains from practicing any and all intrusion or attempt to intrude from the Virtual Private Server (in a non-exhaustive way: scan of doors, sniffing, spoofing ...). The customer must proof that such email was obtained throught its website, legally. We reserve the right to cancel the service immediately: (i) if we receive a reasonable amount of spam notifications, (ii) if no proof of origin is provided by the customer, (iii) in case of damages or blacklists caused to the IP or network, (iv) customers sending emails with illegal content.

Adult content policy Adult content is allowed as long as following these conditions:
(i) The customer must detain the legal image rights to broadcast/host such content. If we receive abuse complaints, a copy of such authorization may be requested to verify the content ownership. (ii) The site must show on its first page a clear message stating that such content is only suited for 18+ audiences. (iii) Forbidden content: under 18 (children/teenagers), incest, zoophily, violence, rape or any other content that goes against the Portuguese laws.

Gigabit port servers conditions For customers ordering servers with a Gigabit port, the average traffic must be lower than 50 Mbps during a 5 days period. If this usage overlaps an average of 50 Mbps oftenly during more than 5 days, we reserve the right to downgrade the port to 100 Mbps.

Final considerations

Personal information of the customers will be kept internally, and will not be sold or given to third parties - except in cases of judge/magistrate demands.
The customer is responsible for the veracity of the informations provided by him;
The customer is responsible for keeping its personal information updated, specially email addresses to receive billings and notifications;