How to install Webmin in CentOS or Fedora Linux

webmin logo before installing
Webmin is a legendary and free control panel that allows you to do almost anything with your linux server. It givesyou an easier control of your whole linux server, making it easier to perform operations line install packages, manage your apache web server, configure a ftp server, track your mail queue, and so on. It will take usually less than 10 minutes to install webmin.

Webmin is a good frontend, nice for server administradors who has some knowledge of linux, and also for those who are still learning it. Webmin works both on vps servers or dedicated servers running CentOS, Fedora or Debian. This tutorial is suited for CentOS 5, 6 or 7, or Fedora 22 or 23.

Some nice features of Webmin:

  • Manage DNS Server entries, domains and hostnames
  • Install or remove RPM packages
  • Manage MySQL and Postgrees databases and tables
  • Manage a firewall and routing
  • Create and manage users and disk space quotas

What’s not so good about Webmin:

  • It requires some linux knowledge
  • Some of the tasks, for instance, like installing a web server, demands several commands
  • It’s not so good to host many websites

The best idea is use Webmin when you have a managed dedicated or vps server from a hosting company. This way you can use it to perform the daily tasks. You can also ask your provider to perform tough installations that should require some more expertise.

First of all, let’s prepare the linux server

Let’s flush the firewall rules. We need to make sure no port is blocked:

iptables -F

Let’s install perl and its necessary modules:

yum -y install wget perl perl-Net-SSLeay openssl perl-IO-Tty

Begin to install webmin

Now let’s download and install webmin package:

rpm -ivh webmin*.rpm

Now you can access your Webmin control panel throught your browser:


The default login and password are the same as your server root password. If your root password is, for example, 123server456, the username will be “root” and the password “123server456”

how to install webmin

That’s it. Now enjoy your webmin control panel!

after installing webmin, the home of the control panel

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