Privacy policy - GDPR compliance

Customers' information All the customer data is kept privately, and won't be sold neither given to third party companies. By browsing Copahost.com, cookies can be stored in your browser.

Customers' files Copahost provides web hosting and servers' rentals. The customer who hires our services is responsible for its privacy policy, GDPR compliancy and data keeping/security/control. The customer is the only one that can access its files, backups, databases, etc by using its login and password

Emailing consent We will not send promotional emails to our customers, as long as they do not consent actively with it.

Right of access/rectification of personal information Copahost provides a self-service client portal that gives our customers access to login and view their personal information (profile data). This same client portal also provides your customers with access to update their personal information including name, email address, postal address, phone number and others

Right to erasure/right to be forgotten The customer can request to be completely erased from our database at anytime. By requesting this, we will erase personal information in the user's profile, service and invoice history, activity log entries, support ticket and email history. To be forgotten, the customer has to send us an email to support@copahost.com , from the registered email, asking to be completely and definately erased from our database. The processing time may take up to 5 business days.

Personal data portability We can export in a readable format the personal data of the customer, for its own offline verification and usage. To receive its exported personal information, the customer has to send us an email to support@copahost.com , from the registered email, asking for a personal data exportation.

DPO - Data Protection Officer Any data leak or related problem must be promptly reported to our DPO, so that the necessary measures can be promptly adopted. Our DPO (Carvalho's) contacts are: carvalho.dpo@copahost.com .