Login and Registration system in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap

You can download here for free the sample PHP , MySQL and Bootstrap login and registration script. Feel free to change it and use in your website!

Download the source files here: Copahost – Login and registration script – PHP MySQL Bootstrap

The file contents

database.php – Performs the connection to the MySQL server. You must edit this file,
changing your MySQL login, password and host details.

login.php – The login page. Queries the database and validates the login. Creates a cookie.


registration.php – The registration page. Adds a new customer to the databse.

restricted.php – This file must be included in all the pages where you require
authentication. It checks the cookie and compared with the database.

private.php – The private area example. This page includes the restricted.php file , to
ensure only authenticated users can enter.

logoff.php – The logoff page. It erases the login cookies.

users.sql – The Users table creation script, if necessary. You can also create it manually.




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