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Having a cheap VPS hosting with cPanel is a powerful way to host several websites. Just like a reseller hosting account, but with plenty more space and resources control. In the early 2000’s a VPS server used to cost more than 90€ per month. Nowadays, you can order a VPS Server for less than 4€ only, with Linux...

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We went through the steps required to install Simple Machines Forum or SMF in the post How to Install Simple Machines Forum SMF . This post will now deal with the initial configuration of Simple Machines Forum so that you can start publicizing the forum. While installing the forum, we created an admin user who will be the...

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A device which connects a computer to another computer or network is called a network device. Normal network devices, say for example eth0 will have a hardware component or a wire connected to it. On the contrary there are virtual network devices which are completely controlled by software. They are called tun/tap devices....

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For years, MySQL used to be the most favorite RDBMS for developers worldwide. After the acquisition of MySQL by Sun Microsystems, and later by Oracle, the original founders of MySQL forked MySQL and created another RDBMS called MariaDB. It is actually a perfect replacement for MySQL and has more features and better performance...

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Databases are an important part of any website or software. With relatively large amount of data, all applications use one or the other database method to store data. PostgreSQL, commonly known as Postgres is an open source, object – relational database management system (RDBMS). It was originally designed for unix...

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To recover or reset MySQL root password in Ubuntu, you should simply follow some steps. This process may vary according to the operating system. Ubuntu offerts a possibility to restore the root password via dpkg, which is a native package management system. Recovering the database root access: reset MySQL root password...

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To install MySQL in Ubuntu, need to have root access to an Ubuntu server. This tutorial applies either to a dedicated server and a cheap vps hosting server. The first step is to login by SSH into your server. First of all, we have to update all the packages of the server sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get...

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